The 8th International Symposium Total Knee Arthroplasty



Julian Dutka and Paweł Skowronek

Michał Skowronek, Łukasz Dutka



A.Pawelec, T.Sorysz, B.Dobosz, B.Cichy, A.Jankowski, S.Żmuda, D.Więcek, M.Marchewczyk, A.Bartyzel, Ł.Budziaszek, K.Stączek, M.Bukowczan, B.Kumor, K.Korzycki, A.Śmigielska


Thursday 8 Oct 2015

Main Lecture Hall (Aula) at Collegium Novum, Jagiellonian University, Gołębia 24 st.

19:00 Opening ceremony

Opening lecture - Prof. dr hab. Jacek Purchla

Director of International Cultural Centre

Cracow in the European Core (30’)

Friday 9 Oct 2015

Krakow, City Council Hall, Plac Wszystkich Świętych 3


Session I: General Topics

Moderators: T. Gehrke, J. Kruczyński, P. Małdyk, B. Violante, J. Waddell


1. Indications and Outcomes in Total Knee Replacement. (10’) J. Waddell (Canada)

2. ACL sparing TKA – Indication. Technique. Early Result. (10’) B. Violante (Italy)

3. Three-dimensional motion analysis of the knee by the image maching method using image correlation. (10’) H. Miura (Japan)

 4. Prevention of PJI. (10’) T. Gehrke (Germany)

5. Total knee replacement operation notes: Adherence to British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) and British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) good clinical practice guidelines for total knee replacements (7’) R. Gordon, A. Ruiz (Northern Ireland)

6. Knee like Hip? Increasing number of cementless total  knee arthroplasty (7’) R. Stempin, W. Kaczmarek (Poland)

7. Comparison of varus-valgus kinematics between CR and PS total knee arthroplasty using computer navigation system. (10’) H. Miura (Japan)

8. Performance of titanium nitride (TiN) coatings in knee arthroplasty: preliminary report. (7’) Ł. Łapaj, A. Mróz, J. Wendland, J. Markuszewski, J. Kruczyński (Poland)

9. Evaluation of accuracy of preoperative planning in TKA with use of analogue and digital templates. (7’)
B. Dobosz, J. Dutka, Ł. Budziaszek, M. Bukowczan (Poland)

10. Variability of the posterior condylar angle (7‘) Ł. Cieliński, D. Kusz, M. Wójcik , M. Kusz  (Poland)

11. Parameters of the patello-femoral joint before and after Total Knee Arthroplasty. (7‘) S. Podesek (Poland)

12.New methods in Diagnostics of PJI (10’) T. Gehrke (Germany)

13. The "painful" TKA  - Diagnostic Algorithm. (10’) A. Franz (Germany)


10:00-10:15         Discussion

10:15-10:30         Coffee break



Session II: Surgical Techniques

Moderators: D. König, D. Kusz, P. Neyret, G. Sinz, M. Synder


14. Stryker Side Event: Triathlon Knee: The importance of technique in relation to implant design. Get it right first time. (10’) J. Melton (UK)

 15. Bone cuts and rotational position. (10’) K. Defoort (Netherlands)

 16. Combined operation TKA + HTO during the same procedure. (10’) Neyret (France)

 17. The evaluation of early radiological outcomes of the treatment of the patients with varus gonarthrosis using total knee arthroplasty following high tibial osteotomy according to PUDU method. (7’) A. Sionek, K. Kołodziejczyk, A. Czwojdziński, M. Złotorowicz, J. Czubak (Poland)

 18. Balancing in Knee Arthroplasty. (10’) G. Sinz (Austia)

 19. Soft tissue balancing in varus and valgus deformity. (10’) P. Neyret (France)

 20. Femoral epicondyle sliding osteotomy in balancing of the knee. (7`) J. Dutka, M. Skowronek, P. Skowronek, Ł. Dutka, M. Marchewczyk (Poland)

 21. Level of Constrained in difficult Primary Cases. (10’) B. Violante (Italy)

 22. The use of computer navigation in knee replacement surgery. (10’) D. König (Germany)

23. Visionaire - vision for the future? (7’) J. Dec (Poland)

 24. All-Polyethylene Tibial Components in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty – a step forward or backward? (7‘) M. Midura, Z. Gawryjołek (Poland)

 25. Do We Still Need Hinge Knees? (10’) T. Gehrke (Germany)

26. One-stage total knee arthroplasty with pre-existing fracture deformity. (7’) M. Sibiński, D. Marczak, P. Dudek, J. Kowalczewski (Poland)


12:15-12:30    Discussion

12:30-12:45    Coffee break


12:45 – 14.40

Session III: Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty and Patella

Moderators: J. Dutka, W. Jackson, J. Kaczmarczyk, G. Peersmann, A. Ottersbach


Oxford Unicompartmental Side Event – Zimmer-Biomet:

1.How to select patients for Unicompartmental Arthroplasty (15’) Will Jackson (UK)

2.The next stage in UKR technique – Microplasty (15’) Jon Waite (UK)

3.Is Cementless a good option for Unicpompartmental Knees? (15’) Will Jackson (UK)


 27. Fixed versus mobile bearing UKA. (10) G. Peersmann (Belgium)

 28. Early results for the Journey Uni system (7’) M. Hawranek, G. Wrzask, M. Hawranek (Poland)

 29. Unicompartmental knee replacement - advantages and complications in OCR Korfantów. (7’) J. Szyszka, M. Czerner (Poland)

 30. Cementless Fixation in Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (7’) R. Stempin, W. Kaczmarek (Poland)

 31. Wear of meniscal bearings in phase 3 Oxford partial knee: retrieval analysis of 11 specimens (7’) Ł. Łapaj, A. Mróz, J. Wendland, J. Markuszewski, J. Kruczyński (Poland)

 32. Tips on revision UKA. (10’) P. Skowronek, J. Dutka, M. Hawranek, M. Skowronek, M. Bukowczan (Poland)

33. Clinical results of patellofemoral arthroplasty. (10’) G. Peersmann (Belgium)

 34. 5 years results after implantation of the emotion- knee, with and without patella resurfacing. (10’) A. Ottersbach (Swiss)

 35. Patella resurfacing in Total Knee Arthroplasty. (7’) M. Kowalski (Poland)

 36. Patellofemoral arthroplasty in dysplastic isolated patellofemoral osteoarthritis. (7‘) K. Gawęda, M. Tarczyńska (Poland)


14:45-15.00    Discussion

15:00               Lunch

15:30 – Spotkanie Sekcja Chirurgii Kolana, Artroskopii i Traumatologii Sportowej PTOiTr (Polish)

19:30 Banquet

Historical Museum Sukiennice, Main Market Square 1, Cracow


Saturday 10 October 2015


Session IV: Complications

Moderators: P. Adravanti, P. Małdyk, M. A. Rosa, J. Skowroński, R. Varatojo


 37. Complications after TKA. (10’) A. Lelli (Italy)

38. Single vs two stage revision in infected TKA. (10’) R. Varatojo (Portugal)

 39. Metallosis In An Oncological Prosthesis Failure Of The Knee: Anatomical And Structural Considerations On Light And Electron Microscopy (10) M. A. Rosa, D. Fenga, M. Florio (Italy)

 40. Is corrosion a problem in modular revision total knee arthroplasty? (10’) Ł. Łapaj, J. Wendland, A. Mróz, J. Markuszewski, J. Kruczyński (Poland)

41. Complications and difficulties with image free & ct based total knee relacement navigation systems in total knee replacement. (7’) Dhiren Bassi, Jiwan Lal Bassi (India)


9:30-9:45        Discussion

9:45 – 11.30

Session V: Revision TKA

Moderators: P. Adravanti, P. Małdyk, M. A. Rosa, J. Skowroński, R. Varatojo


 42. Restoration of the joint line. (10’) P. Adravanti (Italy)

 43. Revision after TKA – slivs/bongrafts. (10’) A. Lelli (Italy)

 44. Dealing with bone defects. Bone grafts / Metaphyseal solutions – sleeves. (10’) R. Varatojo (Portugal)

45. Different bone-stock-demage, different solutions – own experience. (7’) J. Szyszka, M. Czerner (Poland)

46. Is arthrodesis in tumor surgery and infected re-revision of the knee an "up to date" procedure? (10’) M. A. Rosa, D. Fenga, M. Florio (Italy)

 47. Stiff knee after TKA. (10’) O. Djahani (Austria)

 48. Revision arthroplasty in stiff knee. (10’) P. Adravanti (Italy)

 49. Revision surgery in TKR after periprostetic fractures. (10’) Z. Temelkovski (Macedonia)

 50. The challenge of treatment periprosthetic fractures after total knee in elderly patients. (10’) P. Łęgosz, F. Dąbrowski, A. Kotela, P. Małdyk (Poland)

 51. Periprosthetic knee fractures in implant lossening and limited knee motion. (7’) W. Przystupa, R. Skowroński (Poland)

 52. Revision after TKA in patients with hemophilia. (7‘) P. Żbikowski, P. Ambroziak, A. Kotela, I. Kotela (Poland)


11.30-11.45    Discussion

11:45-12:00    Coffee break



Session VI: Varia. Blood management, pain control and rehabilitation

Moderators: J. Kaczmarczyk, J. Płomiński, M. Synder, K. Ch. Westphal


 53. Enhanced Recovery Program in TKA – Neustadt Experience in over 2000 Patients. (10’) K. Ch. Westphal (Germany)

 54. Technology Optimised Enhanced Recovery (ER) Solutions improve Outcomes in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) (7’)P. Jayakumar, D. Talantov, J. Iff, J. Cope, V. Cattell, M. Bankes, P. Earnshaw, Z. Shah (UK)

 55. The effect of pain and function in patient satisfaction following total knee replacement. (7’) Zenat Ahmed Khired (Saudi Arabia)

 56. Does the body mass index affect the early outcome of primary total knee arthroplasty? (7’) M. Synder, M. Drobniewski, J. Oberbek (Poland)

 57. The Role of Tranexamic Acid in Decreasing the Need for Blood Transfusion in Primary Knee Arthroplasty (10’) J. Waddell (Canada)

 58. Tranexamic Acid- Facts, Myths and Early Results of Use for Blood Management after Total Knee Arthroplasty. (7‘) K. Ruszkowski, T. Trzeciak, P. Nowak, P. Drobnik, J. Kaczmarczyk (Poland)

 59. Tourquinet as a time and blood sparing option– A Comparative study (10’) J. Caldeira, M. Pinheiro, M. Lopes, N. Mendonça, J. Anacleto (Portugal)

 60. Local anesthesia of the ropivacaine and epinephrine during total knee arthroplasty.(7’) B. Szpyra, G. Kwiatkowski, A. Konturek (Poland)

61. Outcomes and quality of life in patients with knee reconstruction arthroplasty after tumor resection. (10’) J. Czekaj, M. Ehlinger, A. Di Marco, D. Brinkert. F. Bonnomet (France)

62. Total Knee Replacement: Public Awareness and Knowledge in Saudi Arabia. (10’) Omar A. Al-Mohrej (Saudi Arabia)

63. Knee endoprotezoplasty by K-MOD implant (biomechanical considerations and clinical results) (7’) R. Skowroński (Poland)

64. Use of diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) in diagnostics pulmonary micro thromboembolism in patients who were performed total knee replacement. (7‘) J. Bryll, R. Sokołowski, J. Płomiński (Poland)


13.45-14.00    Discussion

14.00 Lunch